About Us

Movinrome is a young company born from the association of multiple professionals, all with years of experience on their shoulders, aiming to create a new project.

About us

Our goal is to differentiate us from ours competitors, focusing on giving our customers our very best every day, being always available and eager to reach every customers needs.



We have a 24/7 Emergency Call Service, provided in Italian, English as well as Spanish, is just one of our many efforts to pursue the all around customers satisfaction.
Customer experience is one of our priorities, so we are fully committed in developing a unique service’s package that can re-shape the all “Rental with driver” idea into a new, and one of a kind, service.
Booking a transfer, or a tour, with our drivers means having the pleasure of a luxury car transportation combined with exclusive prices, that can win over any cab in Rome without any loss on the quality side.
We also give hourly availability, to mee tour customers needs, and taylor made transfers to accomodate any event or businness necessity.

Every service booked with Movinrome can be fully customized, so that you won’t have to worry about anything except enjoyng your trip.

Why should you choose us?

We take pride in our cars, of course, and we make available to our customers a full range of different choices, all of them are recently purchased and with all comforts included. Safety first is not just a saying for us, we make sure all of our cars get periodic check-ups and a constant turnover to keep up with the new generations of automotive.
We also offer a wide range of tours, you can learn more about them on our website, but we suggest you contact us directly as we can design every tour on your needs.
We can give you your best transfer experience so far in Rome.
We combine the best quality/price ratio with comfort and punctuality, a full package hard to find anywhere else.

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How does my process work?

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